2019 Commodore’s Opening Message

Welcome to the 2019 sailing season!  Okay, it not actually the sailing season yet, but it will be here soon and our club is getting ready to kick things off.  I know of a few lucky folks who have managed to make a trip south this winter and get out on the water.  The rest of us are just going to have to wait it out.  Having just held our club AGM we have a new executive in place to get organized, and with the help of many volunteers and strong partnerships with the SSCA and our Saskatchewan Sailing team, we are getting set to host sailing lessons and a number of regattas in 2019.  We are also hoping to hold a few social activities over the summer season.

We have a great location and are continually looking for ways to improve our club property and benefits of membership.  There are a couple areas I hope to focus on in my role as Commodore over the next two years.  First, we will continue to have the need to deal with equipment and space renewal, so that will continue to be high on the list of activities.  Second, since we are fundamentally about enjoying non-power boating I’m hoping we can connect with others interested in paddling based activities who may see the benefit of participating in our club and expand our membership a bit in some new ways.  I’m happy to take any ideas other may have for improvements as well.  Some progress in these areas will ultimately create some new opportunities for social activities and enjoying time out on the water!

Looking forward to seeing you all opening weekend and over the course of the summer!

Best Regards,

Amy Langhorne