Thank you to Stefan Oelermans, and Leigh Campbell,
A little cool even by some previous standards, hiking breeze from the North-west and a start line off the hill. RC tried to use an I-pod for timing, it was mostly adequate, some of the starts. Heart rate monitor, I-pod, next race we will use a cell phone.
6 boats, 5 races and very good racing and mingling with the fleet , in spite of the issues with feeling the rope or hiking strap. After taking the boats off of the trailer from the Regina trip it was back to more frostbite sailing. This type of sailing requires very deliberate and thought out movements, because……….its cold . Kristine sailed with the SK Race Team boys’ crew, Jordon, showed very good speed and boat handling, Kristine with a dry suit, Jordon with diving gloves and pink spandex. Matt with his sore back and no watch was in most of the races, and then did some free sailing after racing was done. He obviously likes to be in a boat, even when ice build up is a factor. He had a dry suit as well, but his hands and feet were very pink at the end of the night. Ilia won race 5 start with a stellar high speed reach approach. Jamie Hogan, fresh off of her 3 first place race finishes at the Canada Games………12 years ago, was out for her first evening. She tried some old school rigging, mast raps, that has yet to be proven effective. Jason Boyd rigged the club boat in the eye of the breeze. Perhaps not the nicest evening for the first sail of the year. It is safe to say if it was not a race, we would not be near the lake, unless we were chopping wood for the fire.

I was proven wrong (again) with the comment after opening night racing, were I guaranteed it would be warmer soon/next night. It might be warm for the weekend.

Coach Lammens.