Thank you to Stefan Oelermans, Patty Coons, Ben Pickford and Leigh Campbell,
A hot evening, 23 degrees with big breeze, swimming was a theme that would be visited by everyone and for most, often. RC off the shore but it meant for a very fast short runway after crossing the finish line. A few of us, (All) hit bottom during the prestart.
9 boats, 5 fast races .  It is important to remember some very important critical things, not just when you are racing in a group but also sailing by yourself. Always hold onto something on the boat, especially if your are going to do a death roll, a windward capsize on the run at top speed. It is very difficult wearing lots of clothing and kit to swim to or even stay with the boat when you are separated. A few years ago we had a Team SK sailor decide to do some sailing by herself, she got separated from the boat, and if it was not for a fisherman having found the boat and then driving upwind, it could have been an even longer then 4 hour experience. Sail with a buddy, tell others where you are going, start your training upwind, and hold onto the boat are good rules to follow. You need to consider that you will most likely be doing a self rescue!!

After racing everyone stayed out a reached around, this day was almost exactly like a strong south wind at Redberry. If we did not have to pack boats for Wabamun, we would still be reaching around.

Coach Lammens.