Building #1 Design Details: Painted Metal clad roof and wall structure that has a 7.5-10.5’ wall height.  Single slant roof that slopes from front high side to back.  There will be clear corrugated panel in the high side which faces south and is in the upper section of the wall below the roof.  The clear panel will be able to be opened for acting as venting.  The building will be on skids on gravel on the ground.  It will have two entry doors on the south wall as well as a removable 6’ wide door panel on the West wall allowing entry into the building with boats.  The divider wall will be wood and movable to the end of the building for the winter months not being used for changeroom at season closing. Estimated cost for supplies is 3500$.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.  Please consider attending the the AGM in January for additional information and discussion on this issue.