The Multipurpose Change House:

The Executive Committee is in the process of planning the construction of a new Multipurpose Change House for the club. Two Similar designs have been presented to the committee and are starkly different from each other regarding design differences.  Briefly they are:

  1. Building #1 : 12×24 metal clad building with no overhangs and single slant roof toward the back built on skids and set on ground.  Corrogated window panel on the south facing wall 8’ from ground.  Supplies estimate at $3500 has been obtained. For more info see earlier post online.
  1. Building #2 : 12×24 metal clad building with overhangs and a offset peaked  gable roof.   Corrugated window panel in the center of the roof vertical and taking up height change of slope. Cost estimate in the range of $6500.

The design common to both buildings will enable divided male /female change room and a ‘indoor’ storage of boats during the winter time in the building.  Details of the design and a breakdown of costs are available for consideration on the BSSC website,  There will be variance of a few hundred dollars on supplies depending on floor requirements.  Kelsey Campus has made us aware they are interested in building either plan.  BSSC members will have a more difficult time with building 2 and will take longer due to design differences.  Cost differences of BSSC members building the buildings vs Kelsey Campus is in the range of $400.  BSSC members must commit to construction time prior to Executive members proceeding with plans to have members construct the building.  A Private indoor non heated work area is available for construction.  Time frame for construction is Jan to end of April as we would like the building on site at the beginning of the year.  There will be approximately 9 construction days required for building #1 -if utilizing 4 BSSC members per day.