13 eager sailors were greeted with warm and near windless conditions on the second night of the Ebs Sunset Racing Series.   Despite the lack of enthusiasm in the breeze, Jamie and Shawn were able to pull off three races that left everyone happy. The starting line for the first windward leeward race was….cozy….allowing everyone to get up close and personal when the gun went off.  Mark Lammens, fresh from a coaching clinic in Ontario, impressed the fleet with a port tack approach followed by what is known as a  “mega roll tack”.    This highly complicated maneuver involves rolling the boat so far to windward during the tack that the mast tip actually touches and dips below the surface of the water.  To complete the tack, the sailor dives into the water under the boat, grabs the centerboard and aggressively pulls the boat up to windward,   resulting in good acceleration off the line.   In some sailing texts, this move is also referred to as “capsizing”. Meanwhile, at the committee boat   Ben was fast off the line, and headed to the right side of the course (the right way to go all night). Despite this being his first race of the season,   Ben schooled everyone on how to sail smart and fast, arriving at the windward mark with a substantial lead over the fleet.   Ben was headed for a perfect score for the night winning both the first and second race, only to have count a DNF in race 3 when the wind totally shut down.    Everyone got a good view of Ben’s transom for the majority of the races.

The winner of the night was LP, with a very consistent performance of 3,3,3, followed by Randy (8,2,1) and Ben (1,1,DNF).  Mark gets extra points for creativity and style.  Thanks to everyone for helping getting the dock in the water, and good luck to all of those headed to Regina this weekend to race in the WASCANA  short course regatta.