May 30th:  

5 Races were held in a very light and patchy southerly breeze. Jaimie Hogan wins the night with 7 points, followed by Ben Pickford and LP Gagnon in third.





June 6th:

3 races were run.  All weather and wind conditions/directions were encountered, except for snow.

Race 1 had strong winds from the South.  3 boats dumped close to the start line after the start.  One of the sailors has the race on tape using a webcam…  Committee boat had a hard time staying in place…  Nobody got sea sick….

Race 2 saw less strong winds shift to the East.

Race 3 almost did not happened… The wind (or what was left of it) shifted and now came from the North.

No wind and a nice down pour chased us out from the lake.

Race Committee: LP Gagnon











June 20th: 

5 races, North West winds, some good gusts for race 1 and 2. Optimist racer Alec Watters enjoyed the ‘Bermuda” race modification and getting to the beach before the Lasers, ‘Birthday Boy’ Payton Byrns and Tanis Worme were continuing some of their winning ways from the 420 racing into the Taser. Steve Shirtliff in laser and Zia Shirtliff in Opti were doing some heavy air reaching before racing. Alexander Barry and father John Barry are in the record book as the Youngest Sunset Series racer. “Rasta the hound” wanted to be very close to mom, swam upwind of the leeward mark, watched race 2-5 from the Zodiac.

Last Night is June 27th, 420’s and optimists are available for the race, forecast is very positive.

RC – Patricia and ML