Congratulations to Lewis Otereulo, who with 16 pts, won all the races to win the WC Masters. Light air was the name of the game this past weekend. L.O.’s speed up and down the course made it difficult to pass him as reflected in how little it happened. Doug Bell was 2nd with 18 pts, Lammens 3rd-24 pts, Ben Pickford 4th-24 pts, Barry Tee 5th-26 pts, Pat Byrns 6th -26 pts, Duncan Cook 7th-33 pts, Dave Elliott 8th-35 pts, Timur Rudnitskiy 9th-47 pts and JDE 10th-99 pts to round out the top 10. Thank you to Mike Heseltine, Payton, Tanys, Sydney and Ellyn Byrns, Leigh and Margot Campbell, John Barry, and Imbaw Storer for all of the hospitality and good racing. Sincerely, Mark Lammens – Regatta Chair.

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