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2015 Eb’s Sunset Series – Notice of Series

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Blackstrap Sailing Club
Eb’s Sunset Series
Wednesday nights-
May and June

Venue Blackstrap Sailing Club.

Rules The races will be governed by the current Race Rules of Sailing,

Eligibility Each competitor must be a member in good standing of the Blackstrap SC.

Classes all dinghies are welcome.

5. Schedule Wednesday evenings May and June

May 6, May 13, May 20, May 27,
June 3, June 10, June 17, June 24

First race 6:00 PM 5 races

6. Scoring. The Low Point Scoring System, as described in Appendix A of the RRS (Racing Rules of Sailing), No drop races will apply. 5 races an evening, 40 races total are scheduled. DNS for the evening is maximum number of boats in the evening plus 1 X 5. Races will be approximately 10-15 minutes in length. 2-1-go start sequence with minimal time between races.

Safety All participants are required to wear a PFD when on the water. Safety Inspections may be conducted to insure that all boats comply. During the cooler part of the series the 3 dump rule may apply.

Race Committee. Participants are expected to run an evening of races; RC receives 0 points for a maximum of 1 evening.

Courses windward leeward with a reaching finish or up wind finish is encouraged, modelling the races of regional and national events. Heavy air may require a reaching triangle course.

Awards Glass mugs for top 5 overall, top 5 youth (18 and under) no duplicate wins,
History. The evening race tradition was started by Eb Fass, founder of the BSSC. Short races encouraging improving boat handling and starts, mark roundings, fleet tactics to prepare for the summer of racing. The mission of the Sunset Series of Races is to encourage all sailors, slow or fast, young or old, novice or elite to have fun sailing and racing.

The Sunset Series Cup shall be presented after the last race in the Blackstrap Sailing Club clubhouse.

Past Youth Champions

1999 Brad Grant
2000 Brad Grant
2001 Brad Grant
2002 Sydney Byrns
2003 Jo-el van Bergen
2004 Mickey Pawlyshyn
2005 Corey Coons
2006 Paul Lagace
2007 Paul Lagace
2008 Kendal Ross/Jorden Guillou
2009 Payton Byrns
2010 Tanys Byrns
2011 Tanys Byrns
2012 Alec Watters
2013 Andre Gagnon
2014 Andre Gagnon

2015 Eb’s Sunset Series

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2015 will be the 17th year of racing, our best night of racing had 31 boats, the youth sailors have gone on to place in Western, National and International events, the old guys got better too.

The sun sets later in May and June, in fact really late around June 17-24, it is a great way to enjoy the club and lake.

Plan to come out and have fun.



Mark Lammens
SK Sailing CA
Coach/Executive Director
306 975-0833 office
306 291-9165 cell

Sunset Series Update – Results and Summaries May30-June20

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May 30th:  

5 Races were held in a very light and patchy southerly breeze. Jaimie Hogan wins the night with 7 points, followed by Ben Pickford and LP Gagnon in third.





June 6th:

3 races were run.  All weather and wind conditions/directions were encountered, except for snow.

Race 1 had strong winds from the South.  3 boats dumped close to the start line after the start.  One of the sailors has the race on tape using a webcam…  Committee boat had a hard time staying in place…  Nobody got sea sick….

Race 2 saw less strong winds shift to the East.

Race 3 almost did not happened… The wind (or what was left of it) shifted and now came from the North.

No wind and a nice down pour chased us out from the lake.

Race Committee: LP Gagnon











June 20th: 

5 races, North West winds, some good gusts for race 1 and 2. Optimist racer Alec Watters enjoyed the ‘Bermuda” race modification and getting to the beach before the Lasers, ‘Birthday Boy’ Payton Byrns and Tanis Worme were continuing some of their winning ways from the 420 racing into the Taser. Steve Shirtliff in laser and Zia Shirtliff in Opti were doing some heavy air reaching before racing. Alexander Barry and father John Barry are in the record book as the Youngest Sunset Series racer. “Rasta the hound” wanted to be very close to mom, swam upwind of the leeward mark, watched race 2-5 from the Zodiac.

Last Night is June 27th, 420’s and optimists are available for the race, forecast is very positive.

RC – Patricia and ML

Sunset Series Report – Race Day 2 – May 16th 2012

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13 eager sailors were greeted with warm and near windless conditions on the second night of the Ebs Sunset Racing Series.   Despite the lack of enthusiasm in the breeze, Jamie and Shawn were able to pull off three races that left everyone happy. The starting line for the first windward leeward race was….cozy….allowing everyone to get up close and personal when the gun went off.  Mark Lammens, fresh from a coaching clinic in Ontario, impressed the fleet with a port tack approach followed by what is known as a  “mega roll tack”.    This highly complicated maneuver involves rolling the boat so far to windward during the tack that the mast tip actually touches and dips below the surface of the water.  To complete the tack, the sailor dives into the water under the boat, grabs the centerboard and aggressively pulls the boat up to windward,   resulting in good acceleration off the line.   In some sailing texts, this move is also referred to as “capsizing”. Meanwhile, at the committee boat   Ben was fast off the line, and headed to the right side of the course (the right way to go all night). Despite this being his first race of the season,   Ben schooled everyone on how to sail smart and fast, arriving at the windward mark with a substantial lead over the fleet.   Ben was headed for a perfect score for the night winning both the first and second race, only to have count a DNF in race 3 when the wind totally shut down.    Everyone got a good view of Ben’s transom for the majority of the races.

The winner of the night was LP, with a very consistent performance of 3,3,3, followed by Randy (8,2,1) and Ben (1,1,DNF).  Mark gets extra points for creativity and style.  Thanks to everyone for helping getting the dock in the water, and good luck to all of those headed to Regina this weekend to race in the WASCANA  short course regatta.


Blackstrap Sunset Series Opening Night Report

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The Sunset Series got underway on a beautiful Wednesday evening, with a small group of enthusiastic sailors who had been anxiously awaiting the end of the winter. Blackstrap dished out a classic night of ever shifting breeze that kept the fleet scratching their heads and had RC Ben Pickford moving the windward mark all over the lake in a valiant attempt to offer fair racing to all. With the breeze clearly on the decline, Ben wisely chose a simple windward leeward course to get in as many races as possible.
Race 1 started in 10 knots of warm south west breeze with LP, Randy and Steve all fighting hard to win the favored pin end. LP snuck in below the fleet as the whistle sounded and sped off to the left side of the course with great speed and his classic good form. Randy tacked early to clear his air and benefited from more pressure and a persistent shift to the right, rounding the windward mark a few lengths ahead of LP. LP challenged hard, sailing fast by the lee on the downwind leg to the finish, but Randy was able hold him off and stay between him and the line to take the win. Steve finished third right behind LP showing great form.
Ben wisely chose to move the windward mark some 30 degrees to the right for the second race. Elia joined the fleet , along with John Berry in his Coronado 15 with full crew. Everyone could see the breeze was shutting down quickly, and the key to success was to stay in as much pressure as possible. With all the cobwebs cleared after the first race, the fleet again converged aggressively at the favored pin end of line. Randy and Steve arrived early and hovered, but could not hold position and both had bail out with 10 seconds to go, leaving Ilia and LP to start well on the line with good speed. All tacked and headed hard right, except Randy who was well behind after his disastrous start and took off on a flyer to the left side of the course. The Blackstrap wind Gods decided to reward Randy with a private band of pressure and he was able to climb back into the race, rounding the windward mark in second behind Ilyia, who was, as normal, sailing a flawless race. LP, John and Steve rounded in a tight bunch shortly thereafter. Ilia cruised to an easy win, however the wind clocked and filled 40 degrees further to the right to allow LP and Steve to climb over Randy within a few lengths of the finish. Second to fifth in the blink of an eye – sorry Randy, the wind Gods giveth, and the wind Gods taketh away!
Once again, Ben found himself hauling anchor to move the windward mark for the third race, this time to the north west side of the lake. However, soon after the start, the wind shifted almost 180 degrees,, turning the windward leg into a reach, and a beat to the finish. Randy, furthest to the left side of the course after the start , benefited the most from the large shift and was first to the windward mark. On the beat to the finish he was somehow able to able to hold off Ilia, who was sailing higher and faster, to take the win. LP finished third followed by Steve and John, now single handing the Coronado.
Ben again retrieved the windward mark, and tried to decide where to place it in the fickle breeze, which had all but shut down. Lewis showed up to join the fleet for the fourth race, but sailors were soon able to see their reflections in the water as they drifted with limp sails. Ben wisely called it a night and fleet slowly made their way back to the club.
All in all, a great start to the 2012 sailing season. Thanks again to Ben for getting three races off in clearly challenging conditions. The Sunset series runs through to the end of June, with 5 races planned every Wednesday. All sailors are welcome and encouraged to join the fun.

Randy McMeekin