June 16 Sunset Series


Well, the wind forecast didn’t live up to its promises.  We did not get NE 30 km/h, apparently we got easterly winds from 24 to 27 km/h. I am not complaining, because we also did not get rained on (as promised).  It was nice, whatever we got. Thanks to Mike Hesseltine and Leigh Campbell for doing Race Committee. Full results are posted on the regatta page. Jaime.

Sunset Series Update…


Thanks to Lewis Oteruelo and Patty Coons for doing RC on June 2nd and Mark Lammens for doing RC on June 9th.

Comments for June 9th:

15 boat fleet and real tight racing. On the ground a sailor found a price tag, it read LP plus the bar code.  That usually means the first 2 races would be won by LP. Timur Rudnitskiy and Dick White were out for the first time of the year, Dick warmed up and showed his speed in race 3. Dick quote, “you need to sail to get good at sailing”. Ilia fresh off of his Wabamun success were he won a race was in the mix with a 1,2 to go with his 11 and 8. Ben had a 2, 3, 3 for 3rd on the night.

T.O. Randy started strong with a 3,2 and was the most over in race 4, but went back……….AND NEXT TIME WE WILL HAVE THE GENERAL RECALL FLAG IN THE BOAT. although I was told my start was also ‘too good”. 2 Europe’s, Jaime and Kristine were in the mix and finished with equal total points, Kristine winning the tie breaker, the loud hard sail can startle you when they jibe right beside you. When Pat Byrns drops his hiking pants off, plan to hike, discourage him from picking them up. Lewis fresh off his Apprentice win at the Western Masters was a little late from his celebrity golf tourney. Still got out for the last 3. Tanys’s was happy with a dry boat, Sydney would be happy with a sail that was only 10 years old vs 15.
Mountain Madness is this weekend, lets do this again on the weekend.
Mark Lammens

May 26 Sunset Results


A little chillier this week at 13 degrees, but good wind conditions (+/- 8 knots) for another solid 5 races.  9 boats on the line mostly Laser’s, with one 4.7 and most interestingly – Jaime in a Europe.  Looking at the trends, Stefan and Sydney tie for consistency with Jaime getting the prizes for most inconsistent and most improvement over the evening.  Thanks to Mark Lammens for doing race committee! Please visit the Regatta’s Page for Complete Results.

May 19 Sunset Results


With temperatures hovering about 20 degrees and winds 10 knots gusting to 15 no one could complain about much of anything tonight.  10 boats on the line.  5 races completed.  Thanks to Jaime and Carol Hogan for running the evening.

Looking at this chart it is interesting to note the trends – while most racers were consistent in the first 4 races, something happened in the last race that turned results upside down…lower pressure is my guess. Please visit the Regatta page for tabulated details of tonight’s result…

May 12 Sunset Results


Well the 2010 Sunset Series got off to a great start.  The weather cooperated wonderfully with 19 degrees and 10 knots of breeze. 13 boats on the line including fleets of Lasers and Radials and one 4.7.  Thanks to Bill Hogan and Dick White who ran race committee.  5 races were completed setting the stage for a great season to come.

For clarification of these results please Click Here.