Sailing Lessons July 13-17

Hello there everyone! We have a live link for the Mobile Sailing School for this season. Yes it is not the same as previous years and I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding in this challenging time of uncertainty. The Mobile Sailing School (MSS) has some new ways of operation to address the current COVID-19 restrictions:

  1. We cannot place two people from different households in a 420.  
  2. We are strongly encouraging BUBBLE BUDDIES (family teams/close friends and family) to register and take lessons together.
  3. If a single person registers, we will have Lasers available but will limit the registrations for these boats.
  4. Sanitation stations available every day at MSS and disinfecting of boats will need to be done after every program.  
  5. Masks/ Biffs/Face Guards will be worn on land by instructors…not on the water by anyone!
  6. Classes will be cancelled if wind is too high and all land based lesson plans have been completed.
  7. Clubhouses and Bathrooms will be disinfected completely after every use.
  8. Signage needs to be placed for all to see about washing hands and COVID-19 protocols followed.
  9. Safety will be our number one priority and will try to maintain our social distancing as best we can, but if an emergency happens, face masks will be our last thought, and rescuing of our participant will be top priority!
  10. Waivers will be signed by all participants 
  11. No sharing of equipment.

Any questions on this issue, please call Angela Cromarty (Executive Director of Programs/Head Coach, Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs Association) directly. Here is the link for registration from MSS:  

Angela Cromarty, Executive Director of Programs/Head Coach, Saskatchewan Sailing Clubs Association-SASK SAIL510 Cynthia St. Saskatoon, SK  S7L 7K7 Office: 306-975-0833 Cell: 306-370-SAIL (7245)