BSSC members are from all walks of life, sharing one common interest – the love of sailing. Some members have their own boats, some use the club boats, some race and some just sail recreationally.

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Others prefer getting the barbecue going while watching the races from the clubhouse deck high above the lake. There’s also a rumor that some members head out to the lake in the middle of winter to go ice sailing . . .

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The Blackstrap Sailing Club is a member driven organization relying on our members’ energy and skills to exist. All members are expected to give volunteer time towards the club, whether it be helping with planned events and regattas, general upkeep of BSSC property or serving on the Executive.

Types of membership:

  • Family Membership consists of persons in one household including dependants up to the age of 23.
  • Individual Membership is for one person 16 years old and up.
  • Associate Membership is for one person up to the age of 23 who is an active member of the Saskatchewan Sailing Team.
  • Corporate Membership is for groups or organizations on a limited basis.

Members are responsible for any guests and pets they bring to the club.

Our latest Membership Form is available for download from the right-hand sidebar.