2018 Sailing Lessons at BSSC

BSSC will be providing sailing lessons at Blackstrap Sailing Club in conjunction with the SSCA Sailing School. Lessons will be held the evenings of June 19, 21, 26 and 28. Come out as early as you can after work or school. Learn to sail or use this opportunity to improve your confidence and skills on the water! All ages and skill levels are welcome.

The lessons will be based on Canadian Yachting Association standards. Under the guidance of qualified instructors, the focus will be on spending as much time as possible in the sailboats. Safety and self rescuing skills will be important components of the course. The sailboats will be the two man 420 dinghies, however if you prefer to use your own boat that’s fine too. Club members are also welcome to rent the club Laser for the lessons.



Registration Fees for the 4 Evenings of Lessons:

To Register for the lessons please go to this link:



For more general information on the SSCA Sailing School, please visit the SSCA site at www.sasksail.com.