Registration and payment procedures.

Option 1. On-line registration and eTransfer of funds. Please fill in and submit the on-line registration form and eTransfer funds to

Option 2. Mail in registration and payment. Please mail a copy of the form along with a cheque to Blackstrap Sailing Club c/o Dave Maenz, 816 Colony St. Saskatoon, SK S7N0S1

The Sport Legacy Program is in place for those wishing to make a gift to BSSC and receive a tax receipt. Please visit

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* Regular family memberships include 1 associated CYA/SSCA membership. CYA/SSCA memberships are required for each family member that intends to participate in CYA/SSCA sanctioned events. Additional CYA/SSCA memberships can be purchased as required. For more information on CYA/SSCA memberships and events please visit and

** Participation fee will be refunded after closing day based on credits earned @$10/hr. Contribution to opening day = 5 credits. Contribution to closing day = 5 credits. Additional credits available based on work list and an honor system sign off.

*** Associate members must be full members of another associated SSCA sailing club. Associate membership allows for use of the facilities on a restricted basis and does not include club keys or voting rights.

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RELEASE: I agree to save harmless the Blackstrap Sailing Club, its associations, organizers, agents, officials, servants and representatives from and against all claims, actions, expenses and demands in respect to death, injury, loss or damages to me or my property howsoever caused arising out of connection with taking part in events or using property notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to or caused or occasioned by the negligence of the same bodies, or any of them, or their agents, officials, servants or representatives. I further understand and agree that this release is binding upon myself, my heirs, executors and assigns. I also understand that I am responsible for damages and behaviour of myself, children, guests, pets and I am liable for payment to the Blackstrap Sailing Club for damages to any property. I will read and follow the guidelines set out by the Blackstrap Sailing Club as outlined in its Bylaws.