Eb’s Sunset Series Results for May 6

Thank you to Bill Hogan, Jaime Hogan, Patty Coons, and Leigh Campbell for their work to get the races off.  5 races, hot action, hot stove, moving in pre-starts was a very good way to generate some heat. The wind was from the North, start mark for the line was set up off the beach, between the flag pole, the water temperature is 8.9 degrees, actually felt warm (er). The air temp was……………less. If you dressed well it was very good. Mark, Ilia, Payton in Lasers with Kristine and Tanys on a 29er.  MLa.
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Ice is Gone…Eb’s Sunset Series a Go!

General Information, Racing

Just went to the lake and all the ice is gone!!! Fast melt once it started. Proceed with the Eb’s series starting tomorrow.
John Barry

May 3rd Ice Report…

General Information

Last Wednesday, the ice was completely covering the lake. By 5pm Sunday much of the ice had melted and blown north leaving everything south of Thode fully exposed. We anticipate the ice to continue its very rapid melt and be off the lake for the start of Eb’s Sunset Series this Wednesday, May 6. Stay posted for an update Tuesday evening by email.

Opening Day Commodore’s Report


We had a good opening day for the beginning of the season. We started the day with clear skies and 7celcius with a breeze blowing from the south. Later in the morning the wind picked up and as the air warmed up made a very comfortable lunch break. We enjoyed temperatures into the 22celcius range by early afternoon and wind increase to the north creating small caps on freshly opened water. New members were able to attend opening day and were a welcome sight as we had a full agenda for work to be completed.
We have a new sign on the drive in to the facility. As well the sign on the clubhouse has been repainted and looks great. In addition some members were able to get the rescue boat on the water and test out the newly maintained engine and take it out for a test run in preparation for the sailing races soon. Some of the inactive boats on site were moved to a less active area for storage…
For the complete report please see your email inbox.
John Barry – BSSC Commodore

FYI – Ice on the Lake

General Information

John Barry Writes:

FYI – I did a trip to the lake today and am reporting lots of ice present.  There is a 6-8ft melted rim around the lake and the rest is still very frozen and showing no signs of cracks or breaks in the snow pack.  I see standing water over about 5 to 10 % of the surface.  I would bet there will be lots on opening day.