Eb’s Sunset Series Results for May 13th…

Thank you to Dick White, Stefan Oelermans, John Barry and Patty,
Crappy forecast, excellent conditions, sunny, hiking breeze from the North, start line off the beach. Did not know if the sailing would be good when leaving Saskatoon at 3:00!! The original plan was go out and if too poor, load boats for racing Regina this weekend!!!
7 boats, 5 races and very good racing and mingling with the fleet. Matt Monias started off very well with good start and speed in Race 1. Ilia Rudnitskiy had very good speed up and down the track being top laser in Race 4, and top laser at parts of race 3 and 5. Home Depot service guy extraordinaire Payton Byrns is taking a page out of the Stephen Huszar program, high activity/high function. Had the perfect start and then had an issue with the scope on the start mark. The women’s 29er KT, had a strong evening with boat handling and speed, the only drama being a jibe/dump on the finish line. The boys KJ, were getting their starts figured out and had moments of brilliance.
KJ did some free sail at the end of racing to flush their boat issues. Ellyn Byrns was out in the international Opti and was heard commenting on the heat absorption qualities of aluminum vs carbon. Coach Lammens

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May 6th Racing Pics…


Thanks to Jason Boyd for these awesome pics from May 6th race night. Click on the thumbnail to see full size versions. Contact BSSC if you’d like to obtain a higher res version of any of these pics.
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Eb’s Sunset Series Results for May 6

Thank you to Bill Hogan, Jaime Hogan, Patty Coons, and Leigh Campbell for their work to get the races off.  5 races, hot action, hot stove, moving in pre-starts was a very good way to generate some heat. The wind was from the North, start mark for the line was set up off the beach, between the flag pole, the water temperature is 8.9 degrees, actually felt warm (er). The air temp was……………less. If you dressed well it was very good. Mark, Ilia, Payton in Lasers with Kristine and Tanys on a 29er.  MLa.
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Ice is Gone…Eb’s Sunset Series a Go!

General Information, Racing

Just went to the lake and all the ice is gone!!! Fast melt once it started. Proceed with the Eb’s series starting tomorrow.
John Barry

May 3rd Ice Report…

General Information

Last Wednesday, the ice was completely covering the lake. By 5pm Sunday much of the ice had melted and blown north leaving everything south of Thode fully exposed. We anticipate the ice to continue its very rapid melt and be off the lake for the start of Eb’s Sunset Series this Wednesday, May 6. Stay posted for an update Tuesday evening by email.