We need as many people as possible out to be able to deal with the dock which is in rough shape and based on the poll and other responses, Sunday morning is the best option.
A few notes:

  • Come prepared to get wet! Normally the dock is easy to roll in and out on the wheels, but the wheels have issues
  • Bring some tools – that way we don’t have to share anything and more can get done at the same time
    • sockets and wrenches
    • for other site work if we can get some of it done… we need some rakes and shovels to clean up the shoreline
  • This weekend should also be a good time to put you boat away, but we’ll stick to the site work in the 10-12 time slot and our own boats outside of that
  • showing up to help counts for your membership volunteer credit.  And we expect we will still have one other clean-up day so that if you can’t make this weekend, you will have a chance to help with the final work (no guarantees on weather in a few weeks though!).

Thanks everyone!